Barry Finegold 

Is Fighting For Us

Barry Finegold is a hard worker with a record of success. As a State Senator he fought for more education funding - including $37 million for the new Dracut High School - and secured the majority of the funding for the new Tewksbury High School. He bolstered public safety by increasing funding for anti-gang initiatives, and brought nearly $1 million home to the district, making it possible to hire more police officers in Lawrence.

But his hard work isn’t done yet - that’s why he wants to head back to Beacon Hill to continue the fight for our local public schools, fix our state’s struggling infrastructure and transit, strengthen our local economy, and fight to end the opioid epidemic. Barry isn’t afraid to try new ideas or bring people together to get results. Barry Finegold has the experience we need in a State Senator. Join his campaign today.